Frequently Asked Questions:

Why doesn't my course return to where I last left off?
If you have completed the course book marking no longer occurs. The course is always available to access as a reference but will be accessed at the beginning and you can navigate to the area you need to review. If you are in the middle of studying a course, the course will always return to the lesson you are working on.

What if pages within the course are loading really slow?
If you find that the pages are loading extremely slow this is something that should be reported. Please contact the Helpdesk and let them know where you are located and the time and day you were working on the course. This information will be collected so that the speed can be monitored.

I am having trouble understanding questions or content within the course?
You should first talk with other Associates in your area as someone may have just reviewed the same information and could have some very helpful information for you. If you were unable to find the information you need contact the Helpdesk.

I do not see a course that I need on my Course Catalog page?
This means you are not currently registered in the course. Contact the Helpdesk to be registered.

What do the Flags mean beside my course?
These flags represent the status of your course. A green flag means you are registered in the course and ready to go but have not yet completed it, a checkered flag means you have successfully completed the course